How do I accept payments online?

Accepting payment is the most important part of doing business with your client/s. Once payment has changed hands the person has committed to your product or service.

The payment process should be as easy and simple as possible for both the client and the coach and sometimes that means accepting payments online.

It’s also a good idea to set up an online system for accepting multiple payments. In the case of an upcoming presentation or product for example.

Below we have listed the most popular ways of accepting payment online that TCI members use… (If you have another way that works well let us know so we can add it to the list!)

- Create a Paypal account or add a ‘business’ account to your existing Paypal username.
- Paypal can accept payments through a number of methods. They include by sending a Paypal invoice, Paypal transfer, integrating Paypal with your website or with a Paypal Credit Card reader.

- This website is great if you are running an event/ presentation/ workshop.
- Set the event up with it’s own page & description and link the ticket sales to the bank account of your choice.
- Once people click the link to get to the event page, they then follow the prompts to buy tickets, enter their details and have a ticket to the event emailed to them with confirmation while the payment enters your account.

Amazon Webpay
- Must set up an online account to pay and receive payments
- Very similar to Paypal
- Accepts payments through a link or via sms (this can be super handy!)


Outside of these options, direct debit to your own account through an invoice and one off/ recurring payments to a merchant account are available to transfer 


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