What is the best way to record a call on my phone?

As well as being required for your Knowledge Papers, recording coaching calls and listening back is a great way to give yourself feedback or send to your client as a gift after the coaching session.

IMPORTANT! Any time you want to record the coaching session make sure you inform the client/ other participants on the call that they are being recorded. 

You may wish to record a coaching session with your phone or computer’s audio recorder- if the person is on loud speaker/ Skype/  Face-to-Face.

The most popular method of recording phone calls though is to use software or apps that will record and store the audio file of the call as a recording for you. is a website based conference call number that allows for recording on any device, the recording saves to your account on the website. 

Below are the top 5 recommended apps for IPhone & phones when recording your coaching calls over the phone.

Top 5 IPhone apps:

1. Tape a Call Pro ($10 to purchase)
- Record unlimited incoming & outgoing calls
- Share the recording instantly after the call via e-mail, Dropbox, Google drive, etc.
- Many members of the community use this app!

2. Call recorder – IntCall
- Makes calls from inside an app
- Free to download the app, you must buy credits once in the app to record calls
- Saves recording to your phone, you can also e-mail or sync your phone to iTunes to transfer the recording.

3. Call Log Pro
- Can only record outgoing calls from the app
- Works best when you are close to Wifi and call through the internet
- Free to purchase and record calls for 2 mins, after 2 mins charges apply.
- Calls are saved to the call log in the app.

4. Call Recorder Free
- Records both incoming and outgoing calls
- Free to download, you have to make in-app purchases to record
- Need to dial a recording number first and then merge the clients number in to the call like a conference call

5. Call Recorder Plus ($3.99)
- Credit based call recorder
- Purchase in-app credits for a flat fee and use one credit per recording regardless of length of time.

Top 5 Android Call recording Apps:

1. Call recorder- ACR
Comes with a number of features inc. manual or auto recording, password protection for recordings and the option to save the recording  in multiple formats (3gp, mp3, AAC, WAV, etc)

2. Galaxy Call recorder
- Can record and store 2 way conversations on Samsung Galaxy model phones
- For other phones that are not the ‘Galaxy’ model, the app uses the phones microphone meaning you will have to switch to loudspeaker to record.

3. Call recorder
- Automatically records calls as soon as you make or receive a call
- Very efficient with organising call recordings.

4. Call Recorder Pro
- Automatic or manual recording available
- Ability to add notes or photos to the stored recording

5. Automatic Call Recorder Pro
- As the name suggests- automatically records incoming/ outgoing calls.

- You can select numbers for the app to automatically record (filter calls)
- Very good Dropbox integration




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