How do I record a call using Free Conference Call?

It’s important to give ourselves feedback without interrupting presence within a coaching session.
You will also need to record a coaching session for your assessment.

Recording the session is a great way to review our questioning models and delivery. The recording of a session also makes a great gift for someone to relive how they worked their way through a particular challenge and to recap the actions they committed to themselves.

Recording through free conference call is a great way to save the session in order to listen to it at a later date and have it saved for your assessment.

So how is it done??
* To have the ability to record a call with free conference call we must first sign up and create an account before time.
* Once we have created an account we will be given a ‘host’ phone number and pin & a ‘guest’ phone number and pin- these will be different
* Come the time that we have arranged to be on the call with our client we use the host phone number and pin & the guests use their phone number and pin to access the same conference/ group call.
* During the free live conference, the host can start recording at any time by pressing *9.
* A prompt will announce that recording has been activated.
* The recording can be stopped by pressing * 9 or hanging up from the call.
* The recording is then saved in the online account of the ‘host’ on           
* To access the recording of your session, log in to and click the ‘recordings’ tab highlighted in blue at the top of the screen.

Free Conference Call always has a voice prompt when it is beginning or ending a recording. If you have not heard this voice prompt it has not picked up the *9 that you entered.

Sometimes Free Conference Call will drop out during the call that you are recording- In this is case the recording will end. When you call back in to the conference call you will have to press *9 once more and await the voice prompt to start a new recording. These will save as 2 separate files in your account on the Free Conference Call website.




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