Can I use or rewrite TCI material for my own business?

The Coaching Institute encourages our members to use and share the models, frameworks and content that you have access too within the course material with respect to trademarks and copyright.

If you wish to utilise TCI content in your business we ask that you acknowledge the Sharon Pearson and The Coaching Institute  with attribution and references at all times.

In regards to re-writing TCI material for use within a personal business, product or presentation, Copyright Law requires that at least 20% of the original work is changed.

Original diagrams can only be reproduced with permission from The Coaching Institute and attribution. If you wish to use original diagrams please contact The Coaching Institute on (03) 9645 9945 or e-mail to request permission.

Students are encouraged to share successful models including the Critical Alignment Model, DARE model and Adult Growth Model. These are proven successful models that can contribute greatly to personal and professional development.


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