TCI Brainstormers

Hello Awesome Rockstars we have heard your call and are here to answer.


So you want feedback for your website or the product you are developing? Excited to share what you've created? THRILLED that you have your first leads come in and want to brag to people who get how awesome that is? Want to recommend a cool thing that has helped you and can help others? Have a wonderful 'cool thing' that you want to share (with no opt in to get it) coz you love to help?


Where better to get it from than your fellow students, mentors and facilitators…


We have set up a brand new group called "TCI Brainstormers"



Before you can get your foot in that door we need to get on the same page about the DO's and DONT'S and the Why, What and How it all works…


So lets get the DON'T's out of the way first so we can get back to future pacing your involvement with the other Brainstormers…




DON'T: Advertise!


Seriously…3 strikes and you're out…it's that simple. It's easy enough…we are all in the same boat…students creating our product, learning how to market, building websites…we want your opinion not your intention for our dollar.


Yes you can include a link to your cool thing, but NOT an invitation for our members to opt in - this is a place to receive feedback NOT leads or sales.


*Absolutely no contact details are to be included in your posts.*


*We never help promote someone else's stuff we don't do their work for them ever.* 




DON'T: Post pretty pics or Favourite Vids…


Let's keep the space concise so that every post is adding value relative to the topic. We have awesome fun in the main Members Group inspiring each other days to day and I'm sure you've noticed that the posts get buried quite quickly as a result.


That's it, the don'ts are simple. We will cover some more specific guidelines in the DO section :)






Ok so here's what you can DO...




"I would love your opinion on…."

"Could someone help me please…"

"I'd love to brainstorm ideas on how to improve…"

"Check this out and tell me what you think.."

"How does this sound for a new product"

"What feel do you get from.."


Do you get the bigger picture here?


Make your intention clear…you are in this group to seek opinions, ask for help, or brainstorm ideas… yeah? We cool on that?




Serve your fellow students by giving them honest feedback

Serve yourself by graciously accepting all feedback for you

If it sucks it sucks…If it's brilliant it's brilliant…you want to know either way yeah?




Let it run wild!!


OK I reckon that about covers it. Any questions?


Now I know you're an absolute Rockstar cos here you are at the bottom of this here agreement and you are still wondering how you can be a part of it all…so I trust you agree, and by agreeing to this here agreement you accept full responsibility for your actions being in line with what you've agreed to right here…agreed? Good!


So here's what I want you to do…


1. Make sure you are friends with me -Teash Ology - on facebook (you must be on my friends list for me to add you to a group)


2. Comment on this here file saying "KNOCK KNOCK - IS ANYONE HOME?"


3. You will then be granted access to the group and can begin exploring what everyone else is up to… and there is one final rule…find a post to add value to FIRST…then you may post your own… 


Got it?




4. Now GO FOR IT!! here is the link:


ps. Help your coach buddies find this group too...they will love you for it :) Enjoy!


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